Which is Best for Hair Removal;Electrolysis Treatment vs. Laser

Electrolysis treatment and laser treatment are offered at nearly every day spa or barber shop around. With both procedures going for such similar goals and results, one has to make the decision of which procedure to choose for their permanent hair removal needs.

Advances in modern cosmetic hair removal have resulted in a new power to manage body and facial hair without having to schedule a painful appointment with a doctor. These modern procedures are quick, relatively painless, and can be performed at just about any day spa or beauty salon location whose stylists are trained in the methods. And what’s best about these procedures is that they are permanent! Electrolysis treatment and laser treatment for hair removal are becoming increasingly popular and affordable, and are probably offered at a beauty salon near you.

What these therapies do is permanently damage or destroy the hair root, causing the hair to be choked off from nutrition. When removed, the hair cannot grow back without the nutrition, or grows back at an extremely decelerated rate. While both electrolysis treatment and laser treatment both aim to achieve the same goal of destroying the hair root, the question becomes; which is the better treatment for hair removal?

Electrolysis is the older of the two therapies, and easily the more invasive. It was invented over 100 years ago as an advanced method for removing ingrown eyelashes, and has since been perfected and mass produced to the form of electrolysis treatment in many popular day spas and beauty salons. Electrolysis treatment consists of inserting a probe directly into the root of the hair and releasing a minor electric pulse that disrupts and dislodges the hair and its root causing it to never grow back. While electrolysis is a procedure where you sacrifice quality of treatment for price, it has been proven to be 100% permanent in its best forms.

Laser treatment is a more modern procedure that, like electrolysis, attacks the root of the hair to destroy and dislodge it. Rather than with an invasive probe, laser treatment accomplishes this through the exposure of the hair and skin to a special laser that is absorbed into the epidermis and then through the pigment of the hair root, underneath the skin. Statistics show that 60%-95% of the exposed hair is permanently gone making for an immensely positive if not perfect rate of success. While laser treatment’s effectiveness is not as assured as electrolysis treatment’s, it is a far less invasive and entirely painless procedure that takes less time per treatment. This enables a busy patient to pop in for a quick procedure and immediately go about the rest of their day.

With so many barber shops and beauty salons taking advantage of the accessibility of these treatments there’s no short supply of people trained in the procedures to help you try one yourself. The answer to which treatment is better really is that though they have similar intentions, they are significantly different procedures and should be well researched before you decide which course of treatment is preferable to your hair removal needs. Talk to the stylist at your local day spa or beauty salon and decide for yourself which treatment would be best for you.

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