Preventative Skin Care to Assist in Anti-Aging

Wrinkles and aging lines are an unavoidable reality as you age, and beautiful healthy skin is something that requires work and maintenance. Preventative skin care measures will the slow the aging process and assist you in maintaining beautiful skin, long after it should have faded.

 Aging is an undeniable process that will change your appearance. After accepting this fact, the question then becomes how and when? Preventative care on your skin can severely lessen the impact that aging and other factors have on the formation of wrinkles, and the overall smoothness of your skin. Understanding the factors that affect your skin’s health as you age will provide you an edge in limiting the affect of aging and environment, while at the same time creating a skin care regimen that can keep your skin looking beautiful and fresh long into the advanced ages.

 The first step to beautiful skin as you age is steering clear of the easily avoidable practices and behaviors that will unquestionably damage your skin and speed up the aging process. If you have not started smoking; then don’t. If you currently are a smoker; do your best to quit. The dryness and harsh environment that smoking creates will cause dehydration and puckering in your face. The effect will be an accelerated aging process that will form brittle skin and wrinkles, long before you are due to inherit them.

 Another easy irritant to avoid is the sun. Too much sun can dehydrate and damage your skin. The result will be increased wrinkling and even the potential of harmful blemishes or spots that could become cancerous if ignored. However, that is not to say that all spotting or blemishes due to sun damage are cancerous. Most are benign and can be removed by a common dermatologist, but overexposure to the sun should never be taken as allowable for the sake of a tanned look. There is such a thing as too much.

 Combating the aging process can be fairly simple if you take a proactive approach. Staying hydrated and moisturizing cannot be ignored if you want to reduce most of the negative aspects of the aging process. Drink water, use moisturizing lotions, and don’t feel bad about treating yourself to a facial or clinical skin care treatment. Investing in these will pay off in beautiful skin and a healthy feel.

 Also, do not be afraid to seek professional help. As stated above, wrinkling and blemishes are part of aging. Acceptance and diagnosis comes first, with personalized treatment coming after. Dermatologists and skin care professionals employed by many day spas and beauty salons will have expert opinions and diagnostics that will help you to isolate what exactly is causing a blemish, and effectively treat it. A consultation is a relatively inexpensive appointment, and can be supremely beneficial in maintaining beautiful, healthy skin as you age.

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